Independent Medical Evaluations

We provide independent medical evaluations (IMEs) that are used to establish successful disability benefit claims. IMEs are generally conducted to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of services related or other injury where liability is at issue.

Independent Medical Opinion

We generate independent medical opinions or nexus letters which connect present disabilities to past service connected disabilities. These are appropriate if you have an injury that is a result of an already established service connected disability by the department of veterans affairs.

Medical Legal Support – NEXUS Letters

Our doctors provide NEXUS letters that link a claimed disability condition(s) to a veterans time in service.

We Get It Done For A Low Price


Our team is comprised of professional staff dedicated to ensuring you receive the benefits you deserve. We seek to get you these benefits at a reasonable price.

Costs are determined by the number of conditions claimed, the number of medical specialists involved, and if the doctor is doing the drafting or the staff is doing it. Because of the legal and medical nature of these products, it is sometimes a mixture of both.

We are very good at drafting the documentation necessary for a successful claim. Our drafts per medical issue (or related group of issues) run about $1000 per product.

Some veterans insist on the doctors writing their drafts, these go for around $3000 per issue or (group of related) medical issues.

Why is the pricing this way? Every veterans situation is different, and some cases are complicated and require several specialised medical doctors for different issues. What you are paying for is for the time of the professionals involved, who are not working for the VA or a charitable organization, but directly for you. The reality is that professionals working for you, work for you, and will not be motivated by tertiary (3rd interest) requirements or bias  that are sometimes inherent to the VA or charitable organisations.

Our drafters may do the research and work for $150 an hour; whereas, a doctor may charge $500 an hour. Often independent doctors do not know how to help the veteran independent of us, and veterans seeking help directly from the doctors often get denied claims because it is not what the VA requires.

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