Veterans Disability

Our Veteran Independent Medical Examination Team

Our Veteran Independent Medical Examination Team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable staff.  We work with veterans to identify the requirements of the VA and give each veterans’ disability case an exhaustive customized look.  In this process we identify the appropriate mix of professionals to present an organized and effective application, the first time, thus saving the veteran from frustration and longer than needed wait time. As a result, we are proud of our 95% success in getting veterans who use our  Veterans disability services an increase.

Our Services For Veterans Disability

We provide top consulting/advisory services for veterans seeking help in approaching the VA. This is done by connecting the right professionals and/or legal advocates with the veteran. Sometimes there are multiple ways veterans can increase their disability ratings. We find the least expensive way to get veterans the increase they deserve and pass on savings costs (when we can find them), to the veteran. Our costs are variable and depend on the veterans individual case. Some veterans simply need organization, and some veterans need multiple specialists. Although we have a flat fee for our products, our costs can very by the number and type of specialist needed.

Our approach takes an exhaustive look at your situation or position. And considers the possible options that the VA can provide for your circumstance. Once you choose to work with us, we stick with you through the process. We cannot guarantee what the VA will do, but understand the obligations and requirements of the VA to the veteran by law.

Most non-profit/free veteran service organizations are best used (Disabled American Veterans – DAV, American Veterans – AMVETS, American Legion, etc) like the postal service. They are good at delivering content to the VA, but do not necessarily focus on the quality of the content. As such, so many claims by veterans through these organizations are deferred or denied, although very few are rejected.

Our founder was irritated at the veteran suicide rate of 21 a day, and understands that the most powerful country in the world could do something about it. He believes this to be a major strategic failure of the country. The suicide of 21 veterans a day saves the government (and admittedly the tax payer) a lot of money.  We know it is the sacrifices of the veteran who keep those who could do something about, in their privileged position. We understand that long term success for the privileged depends on the support of those who fight and die for them, to see younger generations inspired by ethical service to the country, and a government that young generations can be proud to serve.  If you, a family member, or a friend are in need of these Veterans disability services, contact us today.

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